Drunk Driving Act

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Drunk Driving Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Clause 1: Recognizing that drunk-driving is an irresponsible and dangerous active, we, the nations of Liberalia, endeavor to improve the safety of our roads by curbing this practice. As such, we affirm our support for measures to curb drunk-driving and morally oppose the practice itself.

Clause 2: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol will become an offense throughout Liberalia. It will be illegal to consume more than two units of alcohol before driving a vehicle. Dangerous drivers should be stopped by law enforcement authorities and tested for alcohol consumption, where possible. If caught, they should be fined. If they offend repeatedly, their driving documents and license should be stripped from them and confiscated by the state.

Clause 3: Should a driver cause a serious accident, while under the influence of alcohol, they should be prosecuted. The sentencing is, of course, up to the authorities of the nation where the accident occurs. However, we suggest that drivers who cause death through drunk-driving be at least charged with Manslaughter.

Clause 4: We will commit to a program educating Liberalian drivers about the risks and dangers posed by drunk-driving. We will also provide support and counciling for the victims of drunk-driving.

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